Navi-Jazz 2011: Edgar Abraham & His Latin Jazz Project


You Do Not Want To Miss This Rare Moment in the Latin Jazz Scene
An All-Star Line-Up For The Ages.

This year marks the 3rd Annual Navi-Jazz Concert and will feature the following renowned Puerto Rican Latin jazz artists:

• Edgar Abraham is a saxophonist, composer and master of sixteen instruments. Additionally, he is the creator of the unmatched Hyper-Virtuoso technique for the saxophone.

• Latin Grammy nominee Paoli Mejias is a distinguished master percussionist, ranked among the best in both Latin jazz and salsa. As a bandleader Paoli fuses straight-ahead jazz with African, Mediterranean & Caribbean folkloric rhythms to create a new dimension of Latin jazz that is global, energetic, and modern.

Antonio Quijano is an electric bassist, composer and theorist. Quijano is author of Secessionist Method of Composition Encyclopedia which discusses the dozens of theories he has developed over the years. Quijano is the composer of more than 150,000 pieces of music and creator of the 2:1 technique for stringed instruments. He has lectured at major universities as an independent cultural researcher, writer, and theorist and is a pioneer in posthuman music and new music theory.

Endel Dueño, known as the encyclopedia of the “Timbal,” has taken the place of “King of the Timbal” left by the legendary Tito Puente. Master of both the Timbal and Drums, Dueño is undoubtedly one of the most prodigious and talented musicians in the world today.

IPRAC is an art and educational institution devoted to the promotion, integration and advancement of the Puerto Rican culture. IPRAC brings to the community a visual arts and exhibition program that furthers the Puerto Rican arts tradition. IPRAC is in the process of transforming the historic Humboldt Park Stables into a world-class arts and cultural center.

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