Chicago’s Puerto Rican/Latino & LGBT Communities Take a Strong Stance against Intolerance


Join Boycott Efforts in Puerto Rico calling for an Immediate End to the Show “La Comay”

A young man is kidnapped, taken to an ATM, robbed then beaten to death in Puerto Rico. Adding to this already awful situation, TV host, Antulio “Kobbo” Santarrosa and the life-sized puppet he voices, La Comay, re-victimize publicist José Enrique Gómez Saladín by suggesting that if he allegedly was in an area known for “prostitution and homosexuality,” as his killers claim, he may have brought the violence on himself.

This was the last straw for many Puerto Ricans, who have had to live with escalating violence for years. Blaming victims is wrong, and most people know that. Chicago’s Puerto Rican/Latino & LGBT Communities stand in solidarity with Puerto Rico and will not permit La Comay to continue the promulgation of gossip, hate and insensitive innuendos that further tarnishes the memories of victims whose lives have been lost due to senseless violence. Enough is Enough; racism, homophobia, hate and intolerance will no longer go unchallenged here in Chicago or in Puerto Rico. Let’s promote peace for our beloved island, for our communities in the United States and let’s continue moving towards a discourse of acceptance.   Download and read the statement here…

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