Community welcomes Elvira to Paseo Boricua


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On Sunday, March 23, 2014, members of the Humboldt Park community welcomed back Elvira Arellano at Adalberto Church. The church was packed with supporters. Community members made reflections on Elvira’s behalf. Elvira spoke about her activism in support of undocumented people in the US, but also on her work with Central American undocumented people in Mexico. Elvira, Emma Lozano and others made a call to continue fighting for immigration reform and encouraged people to participate in an action at ICE headquarters on Thursday, March 27. They demanded that President Obama extend de- ferred action to all undocumented people in the US. The event was widely covered by the media including live transmission on Channel 5 and Telemundo and the Chicago Tribune and Hoy Newspapers. Elvira will live in Humboldt Park and will continue her commitment to end the slave labor status of the 12 millon undocumented in the US.

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