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Message from Program Supervisor, Ivan Vega:

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“Through the Safe Program Program, our primary goal is to ensure a safe and peaceful experience to and from school for our youth. To continue on the path towards higher education and self-actualization. We are also committed to the preparation of our Safe Passage Community Watchers and to the development of opportunities for personal and career advancement.”

In partnership with Chicago Public Schools, the Puerto Rican Cultural Center’s Safe Passage Program provides safe routes for CPS students at Clemente Community Academy, Wells Community Academy, José De Diego Community Academy, ChiArts, and Chopin Elementary. This will help increase attendance rates, increase student safety and perception of safety, and decrease violent incidents among CPS students.

The selfless Safe Passage Community Watchers work together as a team and in addition, look out for the children in the neighborhood as they make their way to and from school. These parents also interactively represent the communities of Humboldt Park/West Town that they work and live in. Going above and beyond, the Safe Passage Community Watchers not only do what is expected of them from CPS, but also take the community into their own hands, getting to know students and fostering and strengthening positive relationships in Humboldt Park.

Having the community watchers and the CaaC initiative in place, mean more graduating students entering post-secondary institutions. In addition, the CaaC initiative will bring reduced high school dropout rates, school pipeline initiatives, career pathways, and enhanced educational options for parents and students, who will participate in wrap-around programs to further their own educations.

The goal of the PRCC’s Safe Passage Program is to guarantee that every student has a safe and peaceful experience going to and from school everyday, in order to further themselves on a path towards higher learning and self-actualization.

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