Hey hey! I hope everyone is enjoying their day regardless of the date you see this event description! If you’re not!? then look forward to coming to this upcoming “In the Mood” event!

This will be a time to catch up with some of your friends and to meet new people who you might become best friends with! Who knows maybe partners in crime, travel buddy etc. you NEVER KNOW! Lets talk about sex, encounters, ourselves (if you’re comfortable), and whole lot more! Lets get real.

We will be providing FREE food and non alcoholic beverages (although if you’re 21 & older, I think we can brew something up for after) Have I mentioned we have a great relationship with Hydrate Nightclub??

Lets also get straight to the point and let you know that we ALSO have an incentive for those who qualify! An awesome goody bag (valued at $60, including a $20 TARGET gift card) You just have to be 13-24 yrs old 🙂 not in that age range??? You will still get the goody bag just no gift card! 🙁 BUT It’s still worth it. (Trust me)

If you have any questions or need directions! Shoot us a message and we will message you back!

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