40th Annual Puerto Rican People's Parade

JOIN THE CELEBRATION AS WE PAY HOMAGE TO ITS FOUNDERS starting at 2:00pm on Division St. and Western, on Saturday June 16th , 2018.


Parade will honor its founders

This year the parade will honor its founders and will highlight the 3R’s PR campaign “Rescue, Relief, Rebuild Puerto Rico” of the Puerto Rican Agenda. These founders are being honored as the pioneers, whose vision and diligence, started a space in this community forty years ago to promote our culture and celebrate our resilience.

¡Gracias! Puerto Rican Agenda's 3R’s PR campaign “Rescue, Relief, Rebuild Puerto Rico”

This year’s Parade will additionally highlight the work the Puerto Rican Agenda has undertaken in response to the humanitarian and the exacerbated economic crisis that Puerto Rico faced as a result of Hurricane María. For donations to the Puerto Rican Relief Fund www.puertoricanchicago.org

Reconocimiento a Hon. Josián Santiago, Alcalde Comerio

Estaremos presentando un reconocimiento especial al Hon. Josián Santiago, Alcalde Comerio, PR.

“As we know, Puerto Rico is not independent, but we celebrate our culture, our history, our people on Division Street-Paseo Boricua. We staked a space here, so people can celebrate in the place they live”
Leony Calderón
Puerto Rican People's Parade Coordinator


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