Halloween At Centro Infantil

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by Jacqueline Tovar

On October 31, 2016 the children from Centro Infantil were dressed as cute cats, skunks, witches and bats. The teachers did a good job in preparing all the accessories for the children. All teachers used their imagination and creativity to dress up and paint all our children’s faces. The children that were dressed as cats had a nice tail attached to their clothes, handmade cat ears and had their faces painted. The children dressed as skunks also had handmade tails and masks. The children dressed as witches had handmade hats and had their faces painted. The children dressed as bats had really cool capes made out of black plastics bags. It was nice making all these costumes with the help of our students. We were able to show them how you can make a lot with the material we have in our Center. Also, they had fun going upstairs to the high school and asking for candies.