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Uplifting from the ash

Knowing I really need some cash

Why does that never interest me?

Dull material things that only serve me instantly

Coming up and seeing myself

My flesh, my body, my thoughts myself

Being who I want to see so stupid shit can stop re-occurring

Creating little protective worlds doesn’t mean there won’t be disrupted

I anticipate attack and resistance

Intrusion into my existence

I know I don’t have 9 lives but I know there are ways to survive

To thrive and carry forward even if my body dies

I can stand the blows, the rain, and even those who put on a show

I can take it until I allow you to break it

Let you test me and push me to my limit so I can see how far I can go

What debilitates me so that the pace goes slow

So what will I use to recover to re-up me?

What ointments, weapons of protection is going to help to keep me going?

So I look at you and look at me

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