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Greater West Town – Adult Job Placement Program Success Stories: The COVID – 19 Response Team

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The Adult Job Placement Program (AJP) team at Greater West Town Project is always looking for the potential in each client we serve. From the start of the intake interview, to the job readiness assessment, the AJP Team always has the clients’ best interest in mind.  The AJP Team helps people find more than a job; we help them find a pathway to a new career. The following are three success stories of three ladies who used their skills to create a pathway to careers in allied health and customer service. 

Josephine worked as a Customer Solutions Representative/Inside Sales at World’s Finest Chocolates for twelve years. She told AJP that she was looking for a different career in the medical field and decided to go back to school to obtain a Medical Administration Degree. Being that she was looking for employment and going to school, she wanted to find a position in the medical field customer service industry. Because she had extensive customer service experience she was hired with the Chicago COVID-19 Community Response Corp as a COVID-19 Community Response Worker. Josephine is now getting the training she needs to help Chicagoland Communities get critical information on how to stay safe and healthy amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Amber came to the AJP Program looking for full-time employment. She relocated to Chicago as a certified Medical Assistant in another state. Because of her experience with assisting clients and the transferable skills she brings from past jobs, Amber was offered the COVID-19 Community Response Worker Position. With this experience she will be able to network with other agencies to explore future work as a Medical Assistant. 

Sonja came to the AJP Program looking for a career change. She had worked in the warehouse/logistic industry for more than ten years. She told AJP staff she wanted to find employment in the customer service industry. Because Sonja had transferable skills from her past employment she was able to get hired as a COVID-19 Community Response Worker. This will give Sonja a new skill to add to her resume and find permanent work as a customer service representative in any industry she is interested in. 

All three ladies are very happy with their new job title and job responsibilities. It takes courage to set goals and commitment to follow through. This is why all three ladies were interviewed and hired for the COVID-19 Community Respond Worker Positions. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for each of them. 

If you or someone you know are in need of employment, contact the Adult Job Placement Program at 312-432-1300 to make an intake appointment today.  We are located at 500 N. Sacramento Blvd. Chicago, IL  60612.

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