Students at Our Centro Infantil Consuelo Lee Corretjer Mobilize Their Gross Motor Abilities in Rain, Sun, or Snow

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Our students from Centro Infantil are enjoying the inside playground to mobilize their gross motor abilities. Even if the weather is not  adequate for our students to be outside , we are using our secondary plan to provide indoor activities for them. It’s important to practice gross motor activities to help children grow in everyday functions, like walking, running, crawling, climbing, throwing, hitting a ball with a bat and so on. The gross motor starts when they are babies, they start kicking their small feet, moving side to side. Each stage is different but we always need to have a gross motor in order to have adequate skill to move around. Our students practice all these abilities on a daily basis with their parents and teachers, like getting dressed, putting on their shoes, standing up, jumping on puddles, running, crawling to get a toy, throwing snowballs, going up the stairs. It is very recommended for children to move their whole body to take all the energy out and be able to focus more on other activities. 

The Flamboyan Classroom enjoys the indoor playground with the presence of  Ms.  Sara Rosado and Ms. Graciela Arellano,  and Maria Almanza, (Classroom teachers).

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