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The Lisa Isadora Cruz Trans Empowerment Center Hosts Pillars Market

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What is Pillars Market? It is a space for POC vendors and artists of trans experience! The pillar is a symbol of support, stability and strength. Currently, Trans artists and vendors are in need of support, therefore the purpose of the Pillars Market is to create space for Black and Brown trans folks to showcase their work and create more visibility of the small businesses owned by these communities. Pillars not only represents the trans vendors and artists who are the strong foundations of the community by providing their practices and art, but it also represents the people welcomed into the space to be pillars themselves by buying and helping vendors and artists grow.  

The Pillars Market second installment will occur on Saturday, February 19th, from 2pm-6pm at 2753 W Division St. – also known as the Transgender Empowerment Center. 

We are currently looking to fill up 6 more spots, so if you are Black and/or Brown and of Trans Experience, please let us know! We are providing chairs and tables! Additionally, keep a close lookout for our future posts as we will be highlighting our current vendors/artists! 

Follow @transchicagoorg on Instagram for any updates on future events, or call (773) 698-7473 to reach out about any questions on our services and access to gender affirming care.”

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