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Are You An Otaku? Podcast Looking for Guests to Debate

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My name is Marshall, and I will walk across the stage as a graduate from Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School in June 2022. Last summer, students decided to start a podcast. The name of the podcast is “Are You an Otaku?” This name was chosen because the name Otaku reminded us of those people who just watch anime all day. We started the podcast because we wanted a place where people who share the same interests in anime could discuss it. Marquis and I host the podcast. Currently, Aaliyah, Luis, Miguel, and José are regular contributors. The best part for me is getting to debate about anime shows, but also being able to laugh about things as well. My goals for the podcast are to end it off on a good note and to just enjoy it while it lasts. Shoutout to Santino Santiago, a former Albizu Campos student, who helps us record and edit every week! We are always looking for guests to debate with us, so email us camposotaku@gmail.com if you want to join us on an episode. By Marshall Santiago

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