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Exploring in the Colibrí Classroom!

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Children learn through play and exploration. This is seen daily in the Colibrí classroom. Recently we made ice cream and it turned out amazing. The children had the opportunity to combine different ingredients and see how home made ice cream is made. During our activity it was amazing to see how their little minds had so much knowledge. One child said “maestra el hielo es frío como la nieve afuera, y lo caliente es como la pizza que mete mi mamá al horno.” Hearing this gives us great satisfaction as teachers because we are building those knowledgeable skills. Hearing parents say how their child went home and expressed how much fun they had and getting the feedback that they have seen how much their child has learned with us and to continue doing a great job, fills us with joy. These children are the future and we will continue to build those exploration skills. We follow their lead and plan accordingly to their interest and needs. They develop their fine motor skills during art time. They have great imaginations. We have seen them express their emotions through painting. In this picture they are painting pistachio ice cream as we explored the different flavors of ice cream. They wanted to combine orange to give it a different taste. These educational moments are the ones that make us grow as teachers daily. The Colibrí teachers Jackie Tovar and Maritza Ramírez are happy to create an exploring environment for their students.

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