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Community, LSC, and School Work Together to Win $150,000 “Makeover” Grant for Roberto Clemente Community Academy Library 

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It is with much joy that we announce that Roberto Clemente Community Academy has won the grand prize of $150,000 in Heart of America’s “Cloud Cuckoo Land Library Makeover Transformation” national contest. This win was made possible by all who voted for us- the thousands of people from Puerto Rican and progressive communities in Chicago and across the country who support and love Humboldt Park, its residents, and their history of struggle. A special shout-out to our dedicated, persistent, and passionate librarian Andie Townhouse who spearheaded this effort. Clemente is a neighborhood school that serves 600 students; when our community comes together, its power is unmatched. Of the 10 finalists who represented schools across the U.S., Clemente received 7,000 votes, almost half of the total votes cast, 16,500, in the competition, which was open to public and private elementary and high schools throughout the country. 

Thank you to everyone who voted for Clemente— those who respect and uplift the Clemente community: students, families, faculty, staff, and administration. Your continued support is needed and appreciated. The ribbon-cutting ceremony is slated for November 9, 2022. Follow us on Twitter for the latest happenings @rccachicago and on Instagram 


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