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Invest Southwest PRCC North Avenue Ambassador Program 

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The Puerto Rican Cultural Center is bringing a new initiative to North Ave. that creates a visible and welcoming presence to this Humboldt Park commercial corridor. The PRCC has hired and trained community members who now serve as ambassadors for residents and visitors. They engage pedestrians by greeting them, sharing directions, and providing escorts. They provide maintenance for the corridor by organizing cleaning events as well as submitting service requests through various city departments. The ambassadors wear a bright blue vest as they provide a five-to-eight-hour presence per day. They also connect people experiencing homelessness to city resources and coordinate with public safety agencies on potential safety hazards, medical emergencies, and possible criminal activity. The program is part of the Chicago Recovery Plan’s ambitious $1.2 billion strategy for equitable economic recovery and support for thriving and safe communities. 

By Honorio Torres 

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