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Francisca Lina confronts the threat of ICE on Paseo Boricua, “I am not a fugitive, I am an asylum seeker”

Francisca Lina has lived in the sanctuary of Adalberto Church for 38 months. This church is in the heart of the Paseo Boricua, and is regularly attended by Mexican and Puerto Rican worshipers. Yesterday, Tuesday, Oct. 27, just one week before the presidential election, an ICE agent called Pastor...

Clemente High School Hosts First Community and Culture Series: ”Clemente Culture 101”

by F. Sergio Mojica As a legacy school, we know our role in this community is vital. We recognize that many of our staff were born and raised in different areas and in different cultures, thus they may be a little disconnected from the culture of the community that informs...

Puerto Rican Agenda of Chicago reflects on 3rd Anniversary of Hurricanes Irma and Maria REDOUBLES commitment to 3Rs for Puerto Rico campaign

As the diaspora commemorates the third anniversary of the catastrophic impact of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the island is still on a long road towards recovery with many households living under blue tarps, spotty electricity, inconsistent water service, and incessant earthquakes in the southwestern portion of Puerto Rico.  Today we honor...

National Boricua Phone Banking Day Proves Successful

The Puerto Rican Agenda participated in National Boricua phone banking day, Sept 16 2020, through a joint effort of Power-4-Puerto Rico, Alianza, and the Puerto Rican Agenda of Chicago. All joined efforts for a day of diaspora to reach Boricua voters in swing states, particularly Florida. It was a fruitful effort...




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