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As part of Jornada 100 x 35: Mapeyé to perform concert of Corretjer’s Poetry

• Puerto Rican patriots Alicia Rodriguez, Luis Rosa, Tania Frontera to be honored • featured speaker Renowned author, attorney Eduardo Villanueva On Friday, April 4, Orquestra Mapeye comes to Chicago to celebrate the centennial of Juan Antonio Corretjer, the National Poet of Puerto Rico, as well as, to commemorate the capture...

“La Jornada 100 X 35” Donors Club Members

Dr. Rene Antrop-González Dr. Bill Ayers Dr. Adam Berker Leony Calderón Dr. Kathy Christoffel Dr. Antonia Darder Carlos De Jesús Judith Diaz Raul Echevarria Omaira & Ecliserio Figueroa Sol Flores Lisette Fuentes Juanita Garcia Marvin Garcia Dr. Laura Ruth Johnson Michele Kelley Jeanne Kracher Nancy Kurshan Lourdes Lugo Debby Macey Eliud Medina Alejandro Luis Molina Michelle Morales Montes Nancy Myers Alderman Billy & Veronica Ocasio Fred Rivera Lourdes Rodríguez Matthew Rodríguez Michael Rodríguez Yvette Rodríguez Dr. Ida Roldan Hipolito Roldan Dr....

“La Jornada 100 X 35”: The Beginning of a Paseo Boricua Journey

Xavier “Xavi” Luis Burgos On March 3, under the name “La Jornada 100 X 35,” the beginning of a yearlong journey of celebrations and initiatives to showcase and benefit the Paseo Boricua-Humboldt Park community was unveiled. On that day, exactly 100-years-ago, one of the great revolutionaries and the National Poet...




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