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Springtime at Centro Infantil Consuelo Lee Correjer!

by Jacqueline Tovar, Centro infantil Corretjer Now that we are enjoying spring weather, we take our children outside. Today, classroom Coqui went to the park. It is important for our children to have fun and enjoy time to play. Teachers Maritza and Alma walk the children three blocks to the...

Congratulations Meliza Bautista

by Jacqueline Tovar, Centro Infantil Consuelo Lee Corretjer We would like to congratulate our Centro Infantil teacher assistant Meliza Bautista for receiving her Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential. Her credential is focused on Infant and Toddlers. We are happy that we were able to be part of her journey by giving her the...

Vision and Hearing at Centro Infantil

by Jacqueline Tovar, Centro Infantil Day Care Center At Centro Infantil is important for all our children take the vision & hearing test. This test helps us see if our students have vision or hearing problems, If they do we always refer the parents to a clinic.

Nutrition and Exercise for our Childcare Children!

by Jacqueline Tovar, Centro Infantil Corretjer At Centro Infantil it is very important to talk about nutrition and exercise. All four groups exercise every day for thirty minutes. We eat healthy in our daycare and talk to our students about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and exercise.




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