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Thanksgiving Dinner At El Rescate

By PRCC Staff Regardless of the origin of Thanksgiving and its original purpose, the day was officially set aside to give solemn thanksgiving and praise. On Wednesday November 25 , 2015, El Rescate staff and residents came together to give solemn thanksgiving and praise for the past year by preparing a...

El Rescate in full force for Sleep Out Chicago

by PRCC Staff On November 20, El Rescate staff and residents participated in the Sleep out Chicago event, organized to raise awareness and money for the most vulnerable population, the homeless. Inclement weather or the predicted 8 inches of snow did not keep El Rescate away. We showed up in full force...

El Rescate Transitional Living Program at Sleep Out Event! JOIN OUR TEAM.

We're excited to be taking part in "The Out In The Open Sleep Out". We are in the midst of our fundraising efforts. We have set a fundraising goal and we would be grateful for your support in reaching it. Will you support our team in building awareness and support our...

El Rescate Advocates for Homeless

By PRCC Staff El Rescate Program, participated in the downtown rally that was coordinated by The Chicago Coalition For Homelessness, where About 130 homeless youths, service providers, advocates, and community members rallied outside the Thompson Center last Wednesday . We called on Governor Rauner to work with the General Assembly...




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