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The fifth annual Community as Intellectual Space Symposium: Critical Pedagogy and Community Building

by Eric Johnson The fifth annual Community as Intellectual Space Symposium was held on June 12-14, 2009 at the La Estancia Building (2753 W. Division St.).  The theme was Critical Pedagogy and Community Building.  Critical pedagogy is an education methodology that challenges mainstream cultural practices and beliefs while encouraging students...

[lang_en]Dean of City Council Alderman Burke proclaims Ocasio “El Maestro”[/lang_en]

On Wednesday, May 13, the City Council of Chicago expressed its gratitude to Alderman Billy Ocasio for 16 years of service to Chicago. Council members from across the political spectrum – from diverse ethnic and racial communities – individually stood up to acknowledge Ocasio’s tireless work and unparallel legacy....

[lang_en]Paseo Boricua’s Very Own Bike Shop Opens: Ciclo Urbano[/lang_en]

José Luis Rodríguez In the early evening of Friday, May 1, amidst a cool spring breeze, West Town Bikes made its ground-breaking move to Paseo Boricua by launching Ciclo Urbano, a new retail endeavor and youth program in partnership with the Puerto Rican Cultural Center – Juan Antonio Corretjer and...

[lang_en]“El Gallito” Gutiérrez concludes 21-City Family Unity Tour Gives Rousing speech at rally in McCormick [/lang_en]

On Saturday, May 9, U.S. Congressman Luis V. Gutiérrez (D-IL) concluded the first phase of a national effort to document the harm caused to U.S. citizens in the absence of a comprehensive immigration reform, in a rally held at the McCormick Place. Over 2,000 people were present to see...




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