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Where to Locate and Download Google Form Add-ons

by The Gooru It's easy to find Chrome extensions, but what about Google Form Add-ons? Here's a quick video to help you locate Google Form Add-ons and begin downloading them. Create a new Google Form, or go to a Google Form you've already created. Once you're in Google Forms, click the More menu...

5 steps to take if your Google Apps account login leaks

When login information leaks, you need to act fast. Here's how to revoke access, remove devices, and reset your password. by Andy Wolber, Tech Republic When your Google Apps account password leaks, the battle begins to minimize data loss and regain control of the account. Unfortunately, you can't undo a password leak-once it's...

What is the Internet of Things?

by The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the vast world of interconnected devices with embedded sensors which are capable of providing data, and in some cases, being controlled, across the Internet. Common examples include many home automation devices, like smart thermostats and remotely controllable lighting fixtures, but there...

“The New Faces of Integrated PASEO”

Change is constant and inevitable. As time passes, we grow older by the second and change occurs in every atom and molecule of our bodies. Similar to our bodies, every organization is a living entity: growing, getting older, changing. Change within an organization brings new vision, goals, techniques, and...




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