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My Experience with Project Prepare

By Nicholas Ramos There are many things I have experienced in Project Prepare at Roberto Clemente Community Academy over the last couple of months, and thanks to Amy and Sarah it has been smooth sailing. For starters, what is Project Prepare? Project Prepare is a program to assist students in developing...

Acknowledging El Día de los Reyes

by Spanish AP Class, Roberto Clemente Community Academy Often we stop to celebrate or participate in traditions and holidays, but... sometimes without knowing exactly why. "What is El Día de los Reyes?"  "Why is it celebrated?"  "And ... how?"  These are all questions asked by Clemente´s AP Spanish Language and...

Analyzing How Communication of POV Reveals Belief Systems

by Melissa Godinez, 10th grade English teacher It was a very important week for MYP English 2 literary scholars at Clemente. While other students across the city are preparing for winter break, Sophomore Wildcats were drafting their English 2 unit final. Over the past seven weeks, students have been reading...

Roberto Clemente Community Academy Graduation “Dig Deep into your history of struggle”

By Matt McCanna, Roberto Clemente Community Academy On June 8th more than 1,000 people gathered in Moody Bible Church to celebrate Roberto Clemente Community Academy's graduating class of 2015. The atmosphere was electric, showcasing the young talent in Humboldt Park from Jasha Jackson performing an outstanding rendition of the 'Star...



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