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Francisca Lina confronts the threat of ICE on Paseo Boricua, “I am not a fugitive, I am an asylum seeker”

Francisca Lina has lived in the sanctuary of Adalberto Church for 38 months. This church is in the heart of the Paseo Boricua, and is regularly attended by Mexican and Puerto Rican worshipers. Yesterday, Tuesday, Oct. 27, just one week before the presidential election, an ICE agent called Pastor...


Vote to lower taxes, Vote “YES” on AMENDMENT  As early voting gets under way in Illinois, constituents weigh in on the fate of the “Fair Tax Amendment” -- a core principle of today’s Democratic Party. The formula is elegant; however, despite this clarity, its messaging has become a gunfight, and...

There Are Many Reasons to Vote “No” on STATEHOOD for Puerto Rico

by Paul Lippert Figueroa  The United States’ political relationship began with Puerto Rico in 1898, when the United States Armed Forces invaded the island during the Spanish-American War. Our relationship was not one of mutual friendship but of colonial conquest. Under military rule, the United States turned control of agricultural...

Lanzan campaña por el “No” a la estadidad “PLEBISCITO” 3 de noviembre en puerto rico

A la iniciativa, de la organización Boricuas Unidos en la Diáspora, se han unido varias figuras de la política local que sostienen la consulta no representa una verdadera alternativa de descolonización para el país. Por Leysa Caro González La organización Boricuas Unidos en la Diáspora lanzó hoy, jueves, una campaña a...



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