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Riots and Remembrance: Puerto Rican Chicago and the Politics of Interruption

On the corner of Division Street and Washtenaw Avenue, just east of the green expanse that is Humboldt Park, Cristian Roldán and his collaborators are nearing completion of the latest mural to adorn the history-rich walls of this rapidly gentrifying barrio. The mural spans half-a-block, but its length in...

A Response to Richard Alba’s “The Likely Persistence of a White Majority”

That politics undergirds censuses is a truism. At least since Benedict Anderson wrote Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism in 1983 scholars have accepted that censuses are both political and scientific enterprises. Census racial classifications are a case in point because they have historically become...

Cultivating Consent: Nonstate Leaders and the Orchestration of State Legibility1

In recent decades, the sociology of the state has become engrossed in the relationship between knowledge and modern statecraft. Heeding recent calls for “society-centered” approaches, this article investigates the role of nonstate leaders in the production of state knowledge. It takes up the following question: How have nonstate leaders...



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