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As part of Jornada 100 x 35: Mapeyé to perform concert of Corretjer’s Poetry

• Puerto Rican patriots Alicia Rodriguez, Luis Rosa, Tania Frontera to be honored • featured speaker Renowned author, attorney Eduardo Villanueva On Friday, April 4, Orquestra Mapeye comes to Chicago to celebrate the centennial of Juan Antonio Corretjer, the National Poet of Puerto Rico, as well as, to commemorate the capture...

About “Angel”

Mariano Farias is freed from the penitentiary after 13 years. He maintains his innocence, and believes that Angel, a police investigator, fabricated the evidence against him. And that, while Mariano was away, Angel caused the death of his wife. Mariano is going to investigate these facts, implicating the original...

Humboldt Park Local gives back to Community through Documentary

Marisol Rodríguez Mildred Amador was one of many who witnessed the construction of the steel Puerto Ricans flags that have been welcoming locals and visitors to Paseo Boricua since 1995. But Amador did not just watch the flags go up; she went a step further by documenting the story surrounding the...

SPECIAL RECEPTION: Jacobo Morales to visit Paseo Boricua

SPECIAL RECEPTION: Jacobo Morales to visit Paseo Boricua On Monday, April 14, the Puerto Rican Cultural Center (PRCC), the Puerto Rican Federal Affairs Administration (PRFAA) and Latino Film Festival will welcome Puerto Rican Filmmaker Jacobo Morales to Paseo Boricua. The special reception is free for 100 x 35 members (please call...



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