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A Counseling Office to Call Home

by Anthony De Jesús, Integrated Paseo Addiction is nothing short of a difficult road to travel. We all know someone who may drink too often, or who use drugs but want to quit. Our past is something that stays with us and some of us want to escape. Some people...

About UIC-Integrated PASEO

Message from the Program Coordinator, Kevin García “I am excited to introduce our newly acquired UIC Integrated PASEO grant. African Americans and Latinos have less access to health care, on average, and are at higher risk for HIV/ STI transmission and substance abuse issues. We look forward to engaging in outreach and...

“The New Faces of Integrated PASEO”

Change is constant and inevitable. As time passes, we grow older by the second and change occurs in every atom and molecule of our bodies. Similar to our bodies, every organization is a living entity: growing, getting older, changing. Change within an organization brings new vision, goals, techniques, and...


By Anthony De Jesús, Integrated Paseo Project CTR Specialist of Integrated PASEO, Carlos Torres, at the Norwegian American Hospital testing site finalizing a specimen to send to the lab Sex, drugs, and Rock n' Roll still exist in society and still play a prominent role in many communities. Two out of...



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