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What Integrated Paseo Does

by Anthony de Jesús, Integrated Paseo Hundreds of thousands of deaths were taking place in the 1990's because of the Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Since then, there has been a significant decrease due to treatment and people becoming more aware of ways to protect themselves from HIV, the Hepatitis-C Virus...

UIC – Integrated Paseo – Coming Soon!

UIC Integrated PASEO will be starting up soon and we hope to provide care for those in the community! We are reaching out to individuals 18 through 24, African Americans and Latinos, straight or in the LGBT community, who are in need of testing either for HIV/STI or Hepatitis...

Integrated PASEO – Promoting Actions that Support Recovery through Services and Outreach

The purpose is to pilot co-location of HIV/STI and hepatitis C screening, testing, and treatment within a behavioral health setting in order to provide seamless prevention, education and care services to the population of focus. The team creates personalized health plans for each client to insure proper level of care...

Norwegian American Hospital Awarded Primary Stroke Certification

CHICAGO -Norwegian American Hospital announced today that they have been awarded Primary Stroke Certification from the Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP). The certification serves as a notice to the public and emergency medical services that Norwegian American Hospital has the capacity to stabilize, diagnosis and treat acute stroke patients,...



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