[lang_en]Luis Rosa’s One Year Reflection-One Year Showcase of Crime Against Humanity[/lang_en]



When the prison doors shut behind us in 1999, part of me remained behind. We knew we would not be taking our comrades Oscar, Carlos and yes, Haydee with us and into the waiting embraces of our families, community, and nation. But we also knew we would be at their side accompanying them through their journey.

“Crime Against Humanity” was born of the necessity to reach in and bring those comrades closer. It had to be born. And like any birth process, the pain can only be soothed when one internalizes what is being contributed…what is being presented to the world. And like any creation, once shared, it ceases to belong to you …it belongs to us.

This play refuses to be limited by obstacles. It has fallen time and time again throughout the last year, on capable and committed hands, into strong and passionate hearts. And like a wonderful book you can revisit time and again, “Crime Against Humanity” promises to move you and spark emotions no matter how many times you experience it.

I join the many to congratulate each and every one of the cast members, to say thank you to all of you, embrace you with a strong and proud embrace.  As you become us, become Oscar and Carlos, Haydee and Avelino…as you become the thousands of Puerto Ricans who  have walked proudly through the prison corridors…you are engaging in a liberating process…you free yourselves, you help free others, and you bring Carlos and Oscar home.

I once heard that…”in order to heal, you must revisit the experience that caused the pain…” You have taken me into those dungeons and once again I come out stronger.
Thank you my comrades,  Luis Rosa Pérez[/lang_en]

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