Promise of the Three Wise Men Service Requests Freedom for Oscar


On Thursday, January 3, 2013, in the Jesus Mediador Community in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, the first celebration of what is known as the Promise of the Three Wise Men was organized. This activity directed by the Puerto Rican Troubadour, Jovino González, which also included Orlando Laureano, a “cuatro player” who made a unique historical contribution around  the promises of the Three Wise Men in the Puerto Rican tradition.

It all started with a meditation by Sister Idalia Seijo Rivera, followed by the traditional special request  to the Lord, made by those attending; the first one asking for the liberation of our political prisoner, Oscar López Rivera. Other requests prayed for their friends or family health , including Venezuelas’s President Hon. Hugo Chavez.

 Afterwards special petitions included  family events, medical or people’s needs and other international events.

Jovino González and his sisters performed five “aguinaldos” altogether, with the great devotion of over 900 attending people from all over the Island.

After a short refreshment break, the activity continued. In a peaceful environment within the premises, five more “aguinaldos” were performed, then the closing  music, where the Promise was delivered.

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