Staff and Leadership


    Board of Directors

    Dr. Margaret Power, President

    Michael Hannan, Treasurer

    Luis Alejandro Molina, Secretary

    Michael Rodriguez Muñiz, Member

    Antonia “Toni” Berrios, Member

    Ann Bishop, Member

    Veronica Ocasio, Member


    Leadership Staff

    José Elías López, Executive Director

    Juan Manuel Calderon, Chief Operating Officer

    Lisette Fuentes, Chief Financial Officer

    Juan M. Calderón, Chiefo Organizational Officer


    Xochitl Ramírez, Centro Infantil Consuelo Lee Corretjer

    Ivan Vega, Clemente and Wells High school Safe Passage Initiative

    Nadya Henriquez, La Voz del Paseo Boricua Newspaper

    Eduardo Arrocho, La Casita de Don Pedro  

    Leonilda Calderón, Muévete/Puerto Rican People’s Parade

    Dr. Margaret Power
    Margaret Power is an Associate Professor of History at the Illinois Institute of Technology. She is the author of two books and numerous articles.  Her 2002 book Right-Wing Women in Chile: Feminine Power and the Struggle Against Allende, 1964-1973, has just been translated and published in Chile.  Her current research focuses on the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party. In addition, Dr. Power has long been a political activist in the feminist, peace, and anti-imperialist movements.  She has worked in solidarity with the Puerto Rican community since 1977.
    • Serves as liaison with broader non-Latino community including universities;
    • Oversees Friends of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center, a solidarity group which promotes the work of the PRCC with the non-Latino white community, including, but not limited to forums, press conferences, workshops, volunteers, efforts, fundraising drives (bowl-a-rama, walk-a-thons, etc) and community development tours.Michael Hannan
    • Coordinates fiscal work with each program including preparing an annual audit. Luis Alejandro Molina
    Responsibilities include: Attend quarterly board meetings and monitor program budgets. Handle any Board communications requested by Executive Director. Direct liaison to the following PRCC programs: Centro Infantil Corretjer, Café Batey Urbano and Vida/SIDA. Work with PRCC Fiscal Manager and program heads to stabilize budgets and increase funding. Chair of Capital Campaign and Finance Committees. Responsible for: Technology implementation on a program-by-program basis; coordinating writing of Technology Plan for PRCC; implementation of 3 Year Strategic Plan for PRCC Library; partnership with UIUC Graduate School of Information Sciences (GSLIS) over 6-year period, leading to teaching of Master’s level classes at PRCC.Dr. Ann P. Bishop
    • Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS)