Puerto Rican Agenda Part of National Teleconference Call including Five Cities to Discuss Possible Response by Puerto Rican Diaspora to Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis

On Tuesday, August 11th, the Puerto Rican Cultural Center in Chicago hosted Puerto Rican Agenda leaders Hilda Frontany from El Rincon Services, Ray Vázquez, President of the Board of Directors of NMPRAC, Hipolito “Paul” Roldan of Hispanic Housing Redevelopment Corp., Ada López of the National Conference of Puerto Rican Women – Chicago chapter, Eliud Medina of HPEP/NNNN, Cristina Pacione-Zayas of the Latino Policy Forum, Michael Rodriguez Muñiz, Instructor, University of Chicago, Juan “Nito” Morales, NEIUQue Ondee Sola student magazine.


The purpose of the meeting was to participate in conference call to discuss a possible response by the Puerto Rican diaspora to the island’s crisis. The call included other Puerto Rican community leaders and elected officials from Philadelphia, Orlando, Cleveland, Washington DC and New York City. Tuesday conference call served to initiate a course of collaboration among labor, cultural, political and intellectual Puerto Rican leaders would take to advocate for the needs of Puerto Ricans in Puerto Rico.


These discussions are expected to culminate with a gathering of a representatives of the Puerto Rican diasporic national leadership, including elected officials, in Orlando, FL in mid-October.


More information: Cristina Pacione Zayas (pacionezayas@gmail.com) and Jessie Fuentes (jlfuentes2@cps.edu), co-chairs, Puerto Rican Agenda.
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