The WTB and After School Matters summer program, Bicycle Safety and Repair, Start Strongly

By Lebster Pabón, Lead Instructor
The WTB and After School Matters summer program, Bicycle Safety and Repair, started with a strong start this past month.  With the main focus of this program geared towards teaching proper procedures for safe cycling in the city, WTB has been spending four days each week during the past five weeks this summer educating 25 youth participants on how to become conscientious, alert and safe bicycle riders.  To date, students have been gradually applying the skills and lessons learned for safely navigating a bike while sharing the road with other commuters on the city streets.  Students have also been learning how to make repairs-on-the-go if they encounter bicycle equipment problems requiring maintenance or repair while traveling or commuting throughout the city on their bike.
Interns participating with this program have been gaining confidence as they learn how to lead by example, progressively assuming responsibilities and taking active roles for presenting program materials, teaching curriculum, giving demonstrations and leading group conversations unique to this program.  As a result, Apprentices in the Bicycle Safety and Repair program are learning concepts and values critical to safe and responsible bike riding, and learning invaluable lessons from the best sources – their friends and peers.  While there are only a few weeks left in this program, we have plenty of topics remaining that we’ll be covering before the summer’s end so that everyone leaves the Bicycle Safety and Repair program prepared and empowered with confidence to have fun while riding their bikes in the city!
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