Thank You From Chicago Bound

Hello Alejandro Molina and Jose Lopez,

On behalf of the Chicago Bound program, I want to extend my personal and programmatic gratitude for offering your time and insights and facilities to us. The program participants very much enjoyed their time at Batey Urbano. The students were able to see how a program like Batey Urbano operates, as well as its context within Paseo Boricua, Humbolt Park, and Chicago at large. Several students noted the discussion with Jose Lopez as one of the most inspiring and informative events we attended throughout the eight days of the program and it really gave them insight into how these overarching global systems of colonialism and racism can be targeted and resisted at the local level.

Please let us know of any future opportunities for the Chicago Bound students to get involved at Batey Urbano. Thank you again for taking time out of your schedules to accommodate us, especially Mr. Lopez who in spite of having a cold delivered his talk and fielded our questions with great zeal.


Elijah Wolter
Group Leader, Chicago Bound Program
University Community Service Center (UCSC)
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