NBHRN Demonstrates Solidarity with Undocumented Youth


by Jessie Fuentes, National Boricua Human Rights Network, Chicago Chapter On the morning of Inauguration Day, January 20th, 2017 many young people, specifically the Mexican community walked out of their schools, jobs and homes to protest at The Daley Center Plaza against POTUS Trump. Trump throughout his campaign has criminalized the undocumented community and has strategically tried instilling fear to this community. Through the efforts of Centro Sin Frontera, Pastor Slim, and Pastora Emma Lozano a peaceful and well organized protest was organized for the undocumented community. The undocumented community proved that they were not afraid and that they would resist, because resistance is a part of our fabric – it is how we have survived. The Mexican community not only proved their bravery, but more importantly they showed they were not alone and that it is with solidarity from other communities that they would win this fight against Trump. Pastora Emma Lozano invited the Puerto Rican Cultural Center (PRCC) to speak at the protest – and to speak specifically about what solidarity has done for both of our communities. Jessie Fuentes Program Director and Coordinator of National Boricua Human Rights network said “Give it up for the beautiful things we have seen solidarity accomplish.” Jessie thanked the Mexican community because without their support we would have not been able to liberate our last Puerto Rican Political Prisoner, Oscar Lopez Rivera. Jessie also promised that the Puerto Rican community will stand side by side with the Mexican community to ensure that families stay together and that all undocumented people will be free the way Oscar is now free.

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