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Humboldt Park’s Very Own Iris Martínez Wins Big! 1.2 Million Votes — 72% of Votes Cast for Clerk of the Circuit Court of...

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW  After her record-setting victory in the General Election, Iris Martínez talks with La Voz Del Paseo Boricua’s Editor in Chief, Roberto Sanabria.  On December 1, 2020, Appellate Court Justice Jesse G.Reyes, swore in Iris Martínez as the first Latina to assume the role of Clerk of the Circuit Court...

Dr. Pacione-Zayas Poised to Become State Senator

by Jessie Fuentes, Co-Chair, Puerto Rican Agenda of Chicago Next week history will be made as Dr. Cristina Pacione-Zayas is slotted to be selected by the Committeemen of the 20th District to serve as that district’s State Senator, thereby replacing our trail blazing leader - Iris Martínez. For the first...

Open Letter From Members of the Puerto Rican Diaspora: U.S. Statehood for Puerto Rico is Not a Progressive Position

Editor’s Note: Before the November 2020 election, the National Boricua Human Rights Network issued an open letter on the status of Puerto Rico. Signed by hundreds of individuals across the Puerto Rican diaspora, the letter challenges the idea that the U.S. should make Puerto Rico a state. The imposition...

Adam Gómez becomes Massachusetts’ FIRST Afro-Puerto Rican State Sen. Issues Special Thanks to PRCC

State Senator-Elect sends a special thanks to Puerto Rican community for its support in his historic win. SPRINGFIELD – On November 3rd Adam Gómez won the election for the Hampden District State Senate seat, becoming both the first Puerto Rican and Afro-Latino member in the body’s history. At a socially-distanced...




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