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El Rescate Receives DIFFA Chicago “Excellence in Care” Award 2020

On Feb 25, 2O2O, The Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA CHICAGO) awarded The Puerto Rican Cultural Center $10,000 for the El Rescate Program, which provides outstanding services, preventative education and outreach to people in the Chicago Area who are HIV+, living with AIDS or at risk of infection....

PRCC Promotes LGBTQ Intersectionality with Latin America

The Puerto Rican Cultural Center has intentionally cultivated relations with kindred organizations in Latin America. Recognizing the common roots of health problems that disproportionately distress Latinos in the US and in the Spanish-speaking world, The PRCC has organized and led delegations of community leaders, activists, and elected officials to...

PRCC Confronts CoronaVirus: By Continuing Work

Faithful to its mission, The Puerto Rican Cultural Center continues to promote vigorous self-reliance in the face of the COVID-19 outbreak. The PRCC has now retooled its efforts to respond to the more immediate needs of a community in crisis. The health disparities that have historically plagued Puerto Rican...

UNA COLORIDA TARDE EN EL RESCATE Trans Chicago comparte con Jóvenes Residentes

Siempre es lindo compartir con quien nos necesita. Este sábado, 2 de febrero, empleados del programa de TRANS Chicago, le prepararon un almuerzo a los jóvenes residentes de EL RESCATE, hogar que acoge a jóvenes que son abandonados por sus padres y por sus familiares, entre los que se...



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