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Humboldt Park Diabetes Empowerment Center

Message from Magdalena Nava, Acting Director In the arena of public health and community development, there may be no better example of theory wedded to practice than the Greater Humboldt Park Community Diabetes Empowerment Center (DEC). In part resource library, fitness center, cooking school, meeting house, and even refuge from...

Diabetes Empowerment Center and Muevete Present! at People’s Parade

The Greater Humboldt Park Community Diabetes Empowerment Center's Muévete Physical Activity Program, ¡Dijo Presente!  The Sun shined on us Saturday, June 14, 2014, as we celebrated along with community the 36th annual and 2nd United Puerto Rican People's Parade. Participants, staff, instructors and volunteers showed their beautiful smile while...

Mother’s Day Heart Health Event at The Greater Humboldt Park Diabetes Empowerment Center

By Janeida Rodriguez May 10, 2014 Mother's Day was celebrated at the Greater Humboldt Park Diabetes Empowerment Center with an event hosted by the Keep Your Heart Healthy program. As a way to promote heart health, physical activity and healthy eating, there were presenters to engage all of the mothers...

4th Annual Move for Life Spring Kick-off draws over 400 Community Residents!

Saturday, April 5, 2014 over 400 families, students, community members showed up at the 4th Anuual Move for Life! event in Humboldt Park to ride their bikes, dance, learn to make healthy meals and snacks, play basketball, watch live Puerto Rican bomba, plena, belly dancing and even check their...



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