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Women for PASEO on the March!

(Promoting Actions that Support Recovery through Services) a project of Vida/SIDA Vida/SIDA has extensive experience serving people living with HIV and at highest-risk for HIV. HIV-related services include outreach, education, and distribution of harm reduction materials including condoms, counseling, testing, support groups and a variety of evidence-based prevention interventions. Vida/SIDA...

PRCC’s Women for PASEO program; Up and Running!

The PRCC's Women for PASEO program is up and running; the new program from Vida/SIDA that provides services for women and transgendered women, 18 years and older (African American & Latinas).  The program offers FREE HIV/STI testing and screenings for substance abuse, mental health and post traumatic stress disorder. Following...

Vida/SIDA Launches a New Program: Women for PASEO

Vida/SIDA is excited to announce the start of our new program that targets Latina and African American women (18 years and older), titled: Women for PASEO (Promoting Actions that Support Recovery through Services). The program is intended to assist and support women that are going through challenging experiences (such...



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