Thousands Demand Immigration Reform at Chicago May Day Rally



“¡Obama escucha; Estamos en la lucha!” (“Listen up Obama; We’re in the struggle!”) shouted the thousands of people who gathered in Daley Plaza to commemorate May Day 2010. Humboldt Park community leaders Emma Lozano and Beti Guevara were among those who addressed the public at the immigration reform rally, which was the ending point to a march that began in Union Park.

Politicians such as Jesse Jackson were also in attendance to demand a comprehensive and immediate immigration policy, which President Obama promised during his campaign and has yet to deliver.

Mario, a Mexican student who spent time in a detention center spoke to the hypocrisy of the U.S. government to imprison hard-working immigrants. “I was sent to a detention center not for committing a crime, but because I was brought here through natural currents of immigration.”

May Day comes at the heel of the recent passing of Arizona Senate Bill 1070, which criminalizes all immigrants for failure to carry proof of citizenship and gives Arizona police the power to detain anyone who they suspect to be undocumented. Francisco Andino,16, who attends Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos High School expressed his disapproval of the bill while at the rally. “I think it’s a racist law and it sounds like it’s against the constitution.” Andino supports making all undocumented immigrants citizens. “This is about having freedom,” said Andino. “We are all in the same world, it doesn’t matter what side of the border you’re on.”

by Marisol Rodríguez

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