IPRAC Opens A Year of Martorell in Chicago


In a celebratory atmosphere the Institute of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture opened its first major exhibit: “A year of Martorell in Chicago” with the master artist Antonio Martorell on June 11, 2011.
The celebration began with a reception honoring Antonio Martorell, hosted by Congressman Luis Gutiérrez and his wife Soraida. This was followed by a “Conversatorio” among three young Puerto Rican artists – Ramón Miranda (Puerto Rico), Miguel Luciano (New York) and Josue Pellot (Chicago) – with the master Antonio Martorell.  Brenda Torres served as the mistress  of ceremony.
The lively conversation served as the opening for the exhibit itself.
Martorell explained his intentions with this exhibit “Gestuario 1 and Gestuario 2 and the “Árbol Caído”. An exhibit which focuses on Puerto Rican and Caribbean gestures across generations with particular emphasis on the body and its changes and through it, a dialogue between the youth and what he frames as the “super adult”. Additionally “Árbol Caído” cripples of the issue of de-forestation and the human carbon footprint. The more than 200 people who gathered at IPRAC were deeply impressed with the beauty, simplicity and the message of Martorell’s exhibit.
The evening culminated with a gala in which several of the sponsors were recognized including Clayco, Harris Bank, Hispanic Housing, as well as Congressman Gutiérrez and the Master himself Antonio Martorell.
Martorell will be returning to Chicago on serveral occasions including Friday, September 2, when he will conduct a workshop with students and faculty of Aspira and offer a guided tour of his exhibit at IPRAC at 5pm.

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