Delegation from Chicago heads to Festival Jíbaro Comerieño


A multi-generational delegation of 23 people from Chicago heads to Comerio, Puerto Rico on Thursday, June 6th to take part in the Festival Jíbaro Comerieño. The ages of those in the delegation range from a 4 year old to people in their 70s. This year’s festival has been dedicated to the 40th Anniversary of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center. The Festival is part of the groups activities in their own week Eco-Cultural Tour of Puerto Rico lead by the PRCC’s Executive Director, Jose López.


At the same Festival the Comerieño Committee for the Freedom of Oscar López, along with the Committee to Free Political Prisoners, the Human Rights Committee of Puerto Rico and students and graduates of the Juana Colón High School, will be distributing information about Oscar and gathering signatures for Oscar’s freedom.  This is close to the mural for the freedom of Oscar which was recently unveiled, and we will be at a station at the entrance to the Convent Building, which will house thePhotography Exhibit of the Works of Oscar López, Sunday and Saturday, June 8 and 9.

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