Jayuya Barbershop GIVES WARM WELCOME TO Jayuya Delegation


lechon bw

On Wednesday, August 28th, 70 people from Jayuya, Puerto Rico arrived as representatives of their city for Fiesta Boricua, the Puerto Rican Cultural Center’s annual festival. Their first stop after arriving at Midway Airport was the Jayuya Barbershop where they were welcomed by the Oquendo Family, Judge Gloria Chévere, former Alderman Vilma Colom, and over 140 other Puerto Ricans from Jayuya currently residing in Chicago.  The Oquendo Family, owners of the Jayuya Barbershop prepared a feast for the guests that included a roasted pig, rice and other Puerto Rican food staples. It was a heartfelt welcome to the start of an extraordinary week for the Jayuya Delegation.

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