Haunted Paseo Boricua 2013 Delights Families


Paseo Boricua dressed up in Halloween regalia with a special emphasis on cultural expressions and healthy treats on Oct. 31, 2013. Therr were more than 15 stations that included face painting, healthy treats, bicycling activities and even a zombie walk. Despite the rain, hundreds of families paraded along Paseo Boricua.

The festivities were sponsored by many of the community’s businesses, organizations, and schools. Everyone from Alderman Roberto Maldonado, Marcey Sorenson, Clemente’s Principal, and Matt Rodríguez, Director of Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School to institutions like the Puerto Rican Cultural Center, the Division Street Business Development Association (DSBDA), the Barrio Arts, Culture and Community Academy’s (BACCA) anti-underage drinking campaign, Batey Urbano and Vida/SIDA Generation L all contributed toward a true community celebration. Paseo Boricua has truly been transformed from a place where children were pelted with eggs and threatened by gang activity more than a decade ago, to a place where families can stroll down the street enjoying and participating in activities. This is really a community building. View our Flickr set.

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