Support the En Las Tablas Beautification Campaign


Milka Ramirez and I, Maritza Nazario founded EnLas Tablas Performing Arts NFP 7 years ago. It was my life long dream to open a community arts program in order to offer arts education at affordable prices for people living in low income neighborhoods where arts education programs were limited.

A few months ago part of my dream became a reality when we received a grant for renovations. Our studio is small and the physical space limits our enrollment. The grant will create more room, by removing some walls and maximizing the use of the space. A most needed new dance floor will be installed.

We are very excited about the grant! However, we are also concern because we are responsible for 25% of the total cost. Also, there are various items that we cannot include in the grant expenses and for which we have no money; items such as mirrors, light fixtures, fans, table & chairs, utility sink and a closet to balance the lost of most of our storage space. Additionally, we need about $3,000 in order to make at least two payments to our construction balance of 25% and complete the renovation. We do not have the funds for any of this! We are small and do not receive any grants to help with the program expenses. It is for this reason that we are inviting you to donate to our cause.

Please know that your support, in any amount is tax deductible and will help us to continue to provide quality arts education programing to children and adults who cannot afford them. After the renovation concludes, our space will be able to accomodate more children thus allowing more families to join our program. Please support our fundraising campaign by clicking here.

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