Alderman Maldonado Joins Festivities Asalto Navideño en Paseo Boricua


It was a cold and rainy Saturday evening, but that did not stop those who took part in the PRCC’s annual Paseo Boricua Parranda. This annual event attracted over 100 people who paraded down La Division along with pleneras y pleneros while proudly singing traditional Puerto Rican aguinaldos (parranda songs). The parranda gathered at the Hispanic Housing Teresa Roldán Senior Apartments, where residents kick off their holiday celebration with the parranderos, and where Alderman Maldonado attended with his wife, Nancy and family, and spoke to the residents. It culminated at La Bruquena Restaurant where families and friends gathered for dinner. The parranda participants were treated with delicious garlic-topped tostones from Papas Cache, hot chocolate and quesitos from Café Colao, coconut martinis from COCO’s, and güineos y morcillas from La Bruquena.

The parranda would not have been possible without the continued support of the Division Street Business Development Association, Hispanic Housing Teresa Roldán Senior Apartments, Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos Puerto Rican High School, Puerto Rican Cultural Center, La Bruquena, Café Colao, La Casa de Don Oscar y Doña Blanca, Papas Cache, Jayuya Barbershop, Yauco Liquors, Luquillo Barbershop y Lily’s Record Shop. Special thanks to Ivellise Díaz, David Rivera and all the musicians who continue to keep las tradiciones puertorriqueñas alive.

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