Clemente Seniors Celebrate Completion of the First Semester of College Pipeline Program

On December 18th, a group of 65 freshman and senior students from Roberto Clemente Community Academy (RCCA) celebrated the completion of the first semester of the 2013-2014 school year. The celebration marked a successful completion of the freshman’s first semester, and the seniors’ completion of 3 1/2 years of their high school careers. The event was hosted by the PRCC’s College Pipeline program. The College Pipeline is a program that mentors students through the final year of high school and their first two years attending college. Mentors Alyssa Villegas & Rebecca Rios (NEIU), Maria Borrero (UIC), and Matt McCanna (Columbia College) distributed certificates of achievement to all the seniors to highlight their hard work and dedication through the first semester of their final year.

Destiny Ares, a student in the Pipeline, and Sikarra Nicholas a student from Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos represented the Barrio Arts Culture Communications Academy (BACCA) to address the student body about the Anti Underage Drinking Campaign and reflected about their negative relationship with alcohol. After their reflection students performed spoken work and musical sets. To culminate the event, Professor Jose E. López spoke about the importance of establishing a culture of excellence in the Humboldt Park community and stressed the weight of coming back to the community with the knowledge and skills they gain in college to help transform the community.The celebration took place in Batey Urbano to intersect RCCA with the community. The students look forward to having their own events and critical discussions in the future.


PRCC Navigators Stefanie Rodriguez and Manases Rivera attend Illinois State Senator’s William Delgado Holiday Celebration.  The PRCC Navigators have been providing education and enrollment services at Delgado’s office. The PRCC will continue our collaboration during the following months to provide culturally relevant services to our community.
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