“Crime Against Humanity” Travels to Mexico


It was 9:45am when the first spectators arrived to watch the play Crime Against Humanity; although, doors were scheduled to open at 11:30, and play was to begin at 12:00 noon sharp.


Many arrived in company of their entire families, while younger crowds gathered all enjoying a beautiful Saturday morning in the front garden of El Centro Cultural de Coyoacan.

The cast made of very young Mexican and Puerto Rican artist has been rehearsing for days, and while building the set enacted and continued to memorize the last minute line of the play.


Days before a friend of the human rights cause used his radio program to promote the play, and were handing out tickets to callers that could answer the trivia questions pertaining to Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera. Within minutes dozens of callers would call simultaneously with the correct answer, showing once again the profound ties of Mexican people to the cause of Puerto Rican Freedom, and its fighters.


At 11:25 people lined up, seeking the best seats in the house, as it snaked through the garden and more people arrived. Doors open and a flock of youth made their way in. Bocafloja host of the event opened with his unique style of poetry/rap/expression. He was then joined by his brother who preformed one of many pieces addressing the new fascist policies in the Dominican Republic against its own people. Lourdes Lugo niece of Oscar Lopez Rivera spoke of his condition and case, as well as of the historical solidarity between the Puerto Rican and Mexican nations.


The play began, and the audience was so taken back that few moved out of their seats during intermission. At the end many stood, while others clenched their fist in tears, as they all realized the cruelty of the torture against the Puerto Rican Political Prisoners.

Instead of exiting the audience patiently lined up, signed the petition for Oscar’s release, and stayed for another hour or so asking what they can do to support his freedom.


A special thanks to Bocafloja, Quilombo Arte and Michael Reyes for all of their work and solidarity with Oscar Lopez Rivera and Puerto Rico. Short videos can be seen here.

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