BACCA collaborates with Clemente Community Academy on service learning project


BACCA is collaborating with Roberto Clemente Community Academy on service learning projects for Freshmen and Sophomores in the upcoming months. On Wednesday, December 18th, a freshmen class of 15 students from Clemente Community Academy visited Batey Urbano and engaged in a discussion about the history and purpose of the space as well as the Barrio Arts, Culture and Communications Academy.

Students are able to express how alcohol has influenced their personal lives as well as conceptualize the issue of alcohol in their communities as a larger problem. They also got to talk about community and how alcohol affects their individual lives as well as their communities. Through this service learning project, the students will learn social marketing, graphic design, writing, film and communications skills. Rebecca Rios, Director of BACCA, met with the Sophomore Students on Wednesday, Jan. 29 and is now working with both groups on their respective projects. The projects will culminate in a Parent/Community Forum in which students will showcase their work and open up a critical discussion on underage drinking and alcohol in our communities.

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