Clemente Students Paint New Mural


During this quarter, Art II students investigated public and street art. We studied mural artists such as Jack Ramsdale and Keith Haring along with the street artists Banksy and Faith 47.  During this research, we observed and analyzed what made a mural effective. Are the murals telling stories, persuading the public, or beautifying a public space?

Murals are prominent in Humboldt Park. When students walk down the Paseo Boricua they can see the rich culture and history of neighborhood. Humboldt Park’s murals highlight the importance of political statements, expressions of cultural pride, and a shared history.  After researching different artists each student created a sketch for a mural design. The class then voted on one mural to paint in the school.

Our mural design has no clear subject. It is an abstract painting that explores shape, color, balance, and movement. This painting allows the students to express themselves and work collaboratively. Each student had a part to play to complete the design. We all worked together toward a common, artistic goal.

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