PRCC Executive Director Speaks at SCUPE 2014 “Congress on Urban Ministry”


Over 30 faith-based activists, among them Pastors, seminary students, pastors, church and community leaders, social justice activists, theologians, and individuals committed to building a just economy opened the first day of SCUPE (Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education) 2014 Congress on Urban Ministry, by attending the “Confronting Gentrification in an Immigrant Community. Building Community as a Counter-Narrative to Globalized Re-Colonization” which José E. López, the Executive Director of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center led last Tuesday, June 24, 2014.

Taking place at the DePaul University Student Center in Lincoln Park, José led the workshop participants through a brief history of the Puerto Rican migration, the concept of “gentrification”. There was much engagement and discussion, since several of the participants had grown up, or attended church in the area. A large percentage came from Europe, specifically for the conference. Almost everyone signed petitions to Pres. Obama demanding Oscar’s freedom. Many individuals stayed afterwards to continue the discussion and exchange contact information.

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